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Time Varying Transmission Co.Ltd (TVT) has branches in Hunan and Guangzhou, China, as well as a R&D hub in the heart of Los Angeles, USA. TVT focuses at cutting-edge technologies to provide worldwide customers with revolutionary electronical solutions and experiences. Leveraging on the state of the art semiconductor power devices and software-defined radio architecture, TVT is developing the next generation radio frequency (RF) and wireless communications systems. Other ground-breaking technologies include software-defined RF filters and linearization techniques for mobile communication networks, which is the core technology of the next generation wireless base station and handheld terminals. TVT’s low-cost and high performance, programmable RF systems lay the practical foundation for internet of things, automotive communication networks and other wireless mobile applications. TVT’s high performance integrated hardware platforms that encompass sensors, radar and communications will be the solid support for the internet of things, unmanned autonomous vehicles, satellites and other novel wireless applications. TVT offers core products including digital micro-sensing radars, broadband RF amplifiers, digital video transceiver chips, software reconfigurable communication front-ends, Super Q programmable filter receivers and more. 
 Our micro sensing radar can detect and sense human gestures, paving the way for practical human- machine interactions. This technology generates a line of product that can replace multiple wireless remote controls, mice, and laser pointers. Compared to products relying on image recognition, the micro-sensing radar has a faster response time (down to microseconds) and a better recognition rate (near 100%). This technology is jointly developed by TVT and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Our digital micro radar will open a whole new market, making human to machine gesture control possible.
TVTs low-cost multi-channel broadband antenna array technology, among the various proposals proposed for the future 5G wireless communication, in conjunction with its DMC circulator technology, laid the foundation for full duplex communications, which substantially increases the capacity of the communication channels yet occupying the same amount of spectrum and time resources.